It’s Time – Let’s do this!

Good Morning,

(Yes, I know it may no longer be morning when you read this and that an ambiguous hello might be considered more appropriate but I feel it helps to know this is being written in the morning. Deal with it.)

It’s time! I’ve been wanting to start actively creating content for some time. And yes I have a few followers on Twitter now and there are a few subscribers to the YouTube channel, but up to now it’s been dabbling. Not doing anything in earnest, that stops now. And from today forward we are going to be actively creating content.

Since the very beginning of wanting to create content I’ve known I wanted to do it differently and this letter to you all is also to myself and spelling out (at least how I see it at the moment) what that difference means. I don’t want to be a YouTuber or a Podcaster or a Blogger or any of those specific labels, I just want to be a content creator. There are pros and cons to different mediums of content delivery like YouTube, podcasting and blogging and there are different audiences as well. That is why I’m going to create content through a single website. Sometimes it’ll be a blog, sometimes a video and other times a podcast. Yes, I know doing it multiple different ways means it is possible the quality may not be top notch in any one medium, but I’m tired of letting the fear of doing it perfect stopping me from doing it at all.

That being said, I won’t be looking at the subscriber numbers on YouTube, followers on Twitter, or any other platform for a metric of my base. This website will be my metric. Those who subscribe here, follow here, those will be my true supporters. Those I seek to speak with to help steer the content, decide the next move etc. Additionally, since the goal is to create content on multiple platforms the notifications of new content would have to come from multiple sources. By bringing it all to a single website the notifications can reach you regardless of the medium they are on, and in some cases with better timing than the default notifications of certain systems (yes, I’m looking at you YouTube)

Let’s talk about content for a second. What can you expect? What is this site going to be about? Well, in short, anything DIY. Yes I work at a 3D printer filament manufacturing company, and yes I’m very active in the 3D printing community but this isn’t going to be a 3D printing only site. We’re going to do repairs to the house (RV in my case – yeah in case you didn’t know I live a mobile lifestyle), we’re going to mod and improve the kayak when the kayak season starts in two weeks. We’re going to fix the car and truck, rebuild a camper and so much more. A smorgasbord of DIY.

This is where you come in, as members of Team Tinkerz you’ll get to help steer the content. Let me know what you want more of, what worked well and what didn’t. But to do all that I need a way to talk to you and for that I need your email address. So, if you’re ready to take this adventure with me put your email in the box below and let me know you’re in.

Thanks, Keith